Senior Research Scholar, Cyber Policy, Columbia University


Healey has worked in numerous settings with regard to cyber policy, its implementation, and addressing responses to security threats. In Hong Kong, he served as the vice president for Goldman Sachs where he developed a crisis-response system built to address incidents across the Asian continent. He has also worked at The White House as the Director for Cyber Infrastructure Protection. He is currently a board member on the Cyber Conflict Studies Association and the Military Cyber Professionals Association. The extent of his work has led one magazine to refer to Healey as the first historian of cyber conflict.

Frequently, Healey has publicly commented and written articles on high-profile malware threats and cyber policy. In 2012, Healey published "A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986 to 2012", which explores the idea that confrontations that have taken place within cyberspace have established a new kind of conflict. This development is explored historically, starting in 1986 with a hacking initiative planned by the KGB to steal military plans from the U.S. in what is referred to as the Cuckoo‘s Egg Case. The book received a positive reception and has been referred to as a definitive historical record of cyber conflict.

In March 2014, Forbes Magazine identified Healey as one of twenty cyber policy experts to follow on Twitter.

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